Monday, January 13, 2014

Organize your sewing space - Week 3

Hi everyone! It's week 3 of organize your sewing space..and today I'm going to talk about storing your embroidery stabilizers.

There are lots of different ways to store rolls of stabilizers. I've seen people place them in wine racks, on paper towel holders, in kitchen wrap organizers or just on a shelf. I personally keep mine in a cabinet. I removed the shelf from the cabinet and they are all standing upright.

Note: water soluble stabilizers should be kept inside a zipped baggie, so that moisture can not get in. The last thing you want is to have your stabilizer get wet and disintegrate or stick to itself. You also don't want it to get dry and brittle so it shouldn't be stored in direct sunlight either.
Storeing Stabilizers

No matter where you choose to store them, the important thing is that you keep your stabilizer rolls from unraveling once you've opened the package. You don't want your stabilizers to come off the roll and get wrinkled. You also want to save the label so that once opened you know which stabilizer is which. It can be hard to tell them apart at a quick glance when you have multiple rolls in your stash.

Here are some ways to keep those stabilizers rolled up tight and labelled.

#1: Save the label, and use a rubber band to keep it on the roll. This also keeps the roll from unraveling. I've also use hair scrunchies.
Storeing Stabilizers

#2: For wider rolls of stabilizer, I twist together a few pipe cleaners, and wrap them around the roll. Once again I include the original label from the packaging.

#3: Remember slap bracelets?
Storing Stabilizers
Slap bracelets were sooo much fun when I was in 8th grade.
Well, they too will fit around a roll of stabilizer, and they work great for the purpose of keeping the label with your stabilizer, and stopping it from unraveling. Not to mention, that they are just fun to play with.

#4: This one is my favorite....Amazing Tape. If you don't have a roll of this stuff, I recommend you pick one up. It's clear and it sticks to itself, but it's not sticky. And you can use it over and over again. Not only do I use this to keep my stabilizers rolled up, but I also wrap it around my spools of thread. All my thread stays nice and neat and I don't loose any thread because it came unraveled in storage. Seriously, I can't say enough good things about this tape. In my house, we refer to it as MAGIC Tape. You can write on the Amazing Tape as well, so break out those permanent markers and label all of your stabilizers.
Storeing Stablizers

If you've lost the original label and you can't remember if a roll is tear away or cut-way, simply try to tear a corner of the stabilizer. If it rips, it's tear away. If it's doesn't rip then it's cut-way. If one side of the stabilizer is shiny, like it has a layer of dried glue on it, then that's fusible stabilizer. Clear, plastic-like stabilizer is water soluble (although water soluble also comes in a fibrous format now as well, and those are usually white in color. When in doubt..cut off a tiny corner and run it under water. If it 'melts''s water soluble.)

That's a wrap for this week. Get it? A 'wrap'. Ha Ha Ha
I'll be back next week with more tips, including tips on storing quilting rulers, and embroidery hoops.

Have a great week!
- Kat  :)

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