Friday, July 20, 2012

Lessons from Yogi

Last weekend DH & I took our nephew C, and our niece L camping at the Jellystone Park in the Wisconsin Dells.  The campground was a little old and outdated, but it had WIFI, a big playground, and a great kiddie pool so we all had a really good time.

As I watched C & L putt around on the golf course I suddenly realized that at their ages (5 & 3) just about everything they do is a learning/growing experience.
L playing golf. She crawled under EACH tunnel.

Later that day it dawned on me that this learning "theory" applies to people of all ages. After all, every time I do Free Motion Quilting I learn new techniques and get better and better at it. Each time DH and I go camping we learn some new hints/tricks or better ways to do things for next time. 

This trip we learned to not park on a hill (the front jack of the camper bent and DH had to replace it once we got home).

Without knowing it, the kids taught me a lesson.  They taught me that every time you try/do something for the first time, you grow as a person. So here's a big thank you to C & L for reminding me about growing and learning. 

Below are some more lessons...brought you by C & L.

#1: It's okay to try something new and not like it.  C did not like the roller coaster, he and I got off after only one time around. Honestly I was thrilled to get off. I don't like coasters either.

#2: Don't take every little thing too seriously. Let Go. Enjoy. Remember to have fun in life.

#3:  Exercise can be fun!

#4: Love unconditionally.

#5: Sometimes you just need to do a dry/practice run first. 

Try something new this weekend and let me know what you learn.

C&L...I love you guys!!    - Auntie Kat

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