Saturday, August 20, 2011

TP Poem

For my day job, I work at a company who's initials & nickname is TP.  Friday was the one year anniversary of my co-worker Rachel. Over the past year we've become good friends, so I wanted to give her a little gift in celebration of her anniversary. I wanted the gift to be light, and fun. And if possible, filled with humor.

I decided on a poem. I would write a funny poem that rhymed. To make it even funnier I thought I would write it on a napkin like a bad 80's sitcom. When I told DH of my plans, he said 'No. You guys work at TP, it has to be written on toilet paper.'

 It's possible that I may have married a Genius.

So the TP poem was created. I used double sided sticky tape to mount the TP onto sparkly star scrapbook paper, and then I framed it.

The TP poem was a hit. Much laughter was had by all.  It was indeed the perfect gift.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jelly Roll Confession

I've never bought a jelly roll before. I buy charm packs all the time, but jelly rolls....I've always passed them by.

Until now...I finally bought one!  (fan fare music). I bought Plume by Tula Pink.
 Look at it. All pretty in it's fancy little Moda ribbon

I don't even want to open it. It's just sooo pretty.

But I do.

And now it's even more glorious.

 Of course now I have to decide what to make with it. No worries, I've got lots of ideas rattling around in my head.  I'll let you all know what I come up with.  :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NY NY Recap

Here's the NY recap I a nut shell NY was fun, but super super hot. Here is a photographic re-cap of the fun I had  :)
For a mere $24,999.99 I could have bought a Barbie Foosball table.

I thought this was the coolest cigarette butt holder I've ever seen.

I saw the Naked Cowboy. Rumor has it he just walks around NY playing that guitar and singing all day.

This was the door to a cosmetic's company. I thought it was ultra cool.

Radio City Music Hall!!! I saw Cirque Du Soleil Zarkarna. It was amazing!!!

mmmmmmm giant chocolate bunny. #nomnomnom

Finally got my crumbs cupcake. Delicious. I wont tell you how many I actually had. Who's counting calories???

Had some fun with a fake mustache.

Saw some famous artwork.

Meet a MUPPET!!!

ha ha ha ha OMG.


I could have spent ALL day in the Disney store.

NY NY at nite, from the Empire State Building.

NY NY at nite, from the Empire State Building.

NY NY at nite, from the Empire State Building.

NY NY at nite, from the Empire State Building.
I also went to Mood (sooo much fabric) and M&J Trimming (I could have spent ALL day in there too), as well as some bead stores. I stuck to my budget and did not buy out the stores (which was very hard at times) I'm proud of myself. I might not have bought a lot, but all in all the trip was a success and much fun was had  :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Wide Awake Puppies

Lately my dogs have not been sleeping through the nite. I'm not sure if it's the current heatwave, or if they are upset that DH has been traveling so much or what their problem is. If only they could talk (sigh). Only then I might be afraid to hear their true thoughts on the low fat, high fiber, bland o bland organic food, diet they are on. But I digress.

After a week of little to no sleep, I told DH we had to do "something". So on Sunday "operation tire the dogs out" was commenced. We loaded them up into my car and drove to the pet store. We took every side street available, what should have been a 30 min ride turned into an hour and 30 min drive. DH and I talked about nothing and everything all at once. The dogs had a blast looking out the window and watching the world as it whizzed by.

  The long drive to the pet store reminded me of back when DH and I had first starting dating, back when gas was cheap. We used to ride around in his truck all the time. We never had a destination in mind, we did it just because. And we'd talk for hours. I loved it.  It was simple and it brought us closer together.

The dogs still didn't sleep thought the nite Sunday nite, but this time, instead of being upset about it, I'm looking forward to another long drive with them and Jeff.  Who knows...maybe we'll work this into our weekly routine. I'm sure the dogs won't complain ;)

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