Thursday, January 24, 2013

Visit your LQS day!

Hi Everyone...if you hadn't already heard, today is "Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day"!!! I hope everyone participates. It's always good to support your local businesses, and if you haven't meet your LQS owner yet, I suggest you introduce yourself to her (or him). Then you'll know exactly who to bug ask to carry the lines of fabric that you want to see in the store.

My LQS is Patched Works in Elm Grove, WI.  They are a super amazing shop, and Julie is a wonderful store owner. Not only does she listen when we ask her to carry specific lines of fabric, she's always available with friendly sewing/quilting advice/tips. With laugher and smiles (and only a few groans)...she has taught me many techniques over the years. 

Today in celebration of  "Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day",  Patched Works had a Hexie Party. After a quick lesson, I totally made my very own hexie. I have to admit....I had been avoiding hexie's because they seemed like soooo much work. But, I actually enjoyed making one. I think I might even make more.

 I could only stop in for a short visit, but I still had plenty of fun while I was there.

Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day!
Me being 'crazy Kat' at my LQS - Patched Works.

Happy Sewing!
- Kat  :)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Bundle up

It's 4 degrees outside today.  BRRRRRR. I put on long johns just to go into to the office at my #dayjob.

This past weekend DH and I put our RV in storage, right before the cold snap hit. So that was good. But I have to admit, it makes me a little bit sad when I walk outside and don't see the RV sitting there in it's parking spot. The absence of it, along with the cold makes me yearn for summer even more.

On the plus side...I finished my nieces' quilt!  I'll post real photos of it later (once it warms up enough to go outside and actually take some)...but here's a sneak peek for now.

Till next time...stay warm and happy sewing!
- Kat

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