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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Another WIP done!

Back in April of 2011 my Mom and I went to the AQS quilt show in Paducah KY. We had an amazing time. We took a bunch of classes together, and lots of photos.

A few weeks ago I was cleaning out a cabinet in my studio, and I came across an unfinished quilt. It was a small wall hanging, complete with batting and backing..just begging to be quilted. I couldn't remember exactly when or where I had made it, but I knew it was in a class with my Mom.

I searched all the photos on our computer, and then I found it...the photos from the class in KY.
Here are the photos of Mom and I in class with our completed quilt tops.
I still have that hair clip, I made it out of a zipper.

My Mom with her quilt top. I love my Mommy.

I quilted my wall hanging with in a week of finding it, and I'm sooo happy with how it turned out.
The wall hanging on my longarm.
I finished the hand binding on the back while I was camping last weekend, and hung it up the day we got home. I'm soo in love with this. As soon as my Mom finds her's she's going to send it to me for quilting. I can't wait for her to locate it in her pile of WIPs.
Hanging on the wall in my studio.
I also found these photos that I took of the teacher's samples. I can't remember her name, and I can't find my notes from the class (I'm sure I took some)...but at least you can see the beautiful work the teacher did.

I hope you make some progress in your WIPs this weekend. Happy Sewing everyone!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Can we get a pool Dad? - Part 2

Our backyard is currently a giant dust bowl. The dogs have needed a bath every night...but we have hole for the pool! That's right, we are making progress!

DH hard at work.

Okay, if I'm gonna be honest, my husband is making progress. I haven't been involved with the dirt, dust & sand parts at all. But in my defense, I don't know how to operate the digger thingy, and I've been working on a big project for work (It just so happens I work out of the house..but still, it's work)
 After getting the hole perfectly dug, my wonderful husband brought home two truck loads of sand. While I was inside working (it's a really big project I swear) he got the sand down and the side anchors in place. I should point out that I did bring him water and grape kool-aid a lot. And, I pestered him about wearing sunblock. So that's kind of like helping. Right???

You can see the pool outline!

 The next step was putting up the side poles that will help hold up the side of the pool. This step was kind of like bowling with the wind. Luckily we have lots and lots of big heavy rocks in our yard, so we used those to help keep the poles upright. Yes, WE. I actually moved about two rocks. See?!? I helped!

Look! It's the digger thingy!
That's the update for now. The next step is to actually unroll the metal pool and attach it to all the parts that DH has already installed. I'll for sure be helping during that part. Then comes the liner, the water...oh and we still need to fix the pump. Okay, husband needs to fix that. Let's be realistic, we don't want ME trying to fix the pump. That would be a huge boo boo.
Hopefully my next post will be all about the finished pool!! Wish us luck.


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