Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Camping Success

I survived our first camping trip!!!!! I even had fun. Okay I had a blast..and I can't wait to go again. I love this RV!  Both ATVs fit comfortably in the RV (I admit, even though we had measured and measured I was a little worried that somehow the ATVs had grown in size and wouldn't fit), and we went to a campground that wasn't too far away.
ATV in toy hauler
DH loading up the ATVs into the RV.
On the drive out to the campground we passed an Amish horse and buggy that was broken down on the side of the road. 
I asked DH, "How does a horse and buggy breakdown?"
His response, "Not enough horse power."  
 Once in town we saw some more horse and buggies parked at the local Piggly Wiggly grocery store.
Amish horse and buggy
I still can't figure out why the horse didn't walk away.
One buggy had it's horses tied up, the horses on the second buggy were not tied to anything. The horses were free to walk away with the buggy if they wanted to.
 I wondered out loud, "What keeps the horses on that second buggy from walking away?"
 Always the comedian DH said, "They put the horse in park."   

Amidst all the laughter we did have a few problems with the truck, and ended up swapping out the fuel pump once we were at the campground.  Other than that, the RV was fantastic...the heat worked well and the dogs did not destroy anything while we were out four wheeling.  We ran out of water on the 2nd day, and had to use bottled water for the remainder of the trip, but we figured there would be a learning curve. 

Speaking of learning...the funniest part was me trying to figure out how to flush the toilet. I had read that first time RV owners are often confused about how to work the I was prepared that it would be different than regular toliets..but even with that knowledge I was still super confused. DH actually had to give me a lesson on how to flush. LOL.

For this first trip we went out to Darlington, WI...the campground was behind an old train station. In fact most of the bridges on the Cheese Country ATV trails were old railroad bridges.
Campground Entrance
Campground entrance.
 It was really cool knowing that we were riding where trains had once passed through. The trails themselves were flat, and since it had just rained the dust level was very minimal. The Cheese Country trails would be perfect for beginner riders. 

One of my favorite things about four wheeling is all the cool stuff that we see on the trails. The scenery is beautiful. We saw cows, turkeys, farms, horses, and even a building plant that makes concrete beams.
Trail Sign
Ummm now what do we do?
The dogs did very well while we were out. The first day Cali peed on the floor (I'm sure she was mad that she didn't get to join us on the trails)...but the 2nd day they were already acclimated to how this "camping thing" works and they were well behaved.  The dogs had toys, water and lots of space to run around or sleep (just like at home, only on wheels).  I'd say the biggest 'problem' where the dogs were concerned was that the bed was not big enough for us and the dogs. I didn't sleep very well, so we are going to have to work on that.
Cali in the RV
Cali looking out the window in the RV.

sleepy doggies
Nap Time!!!

Every morning I took the dogs on a long walk around the campground and each nite we cooked dinner on the RVQ grill.
RV BBQ Grill
mmmmm dinner

 We even did some shopping in town, and visited a few new restaurants.
Shark Store Entrance
Me outside the entrance to a local store.

 Overall we had so much fun that I can't wait for our next trip. Which of course I'll be sure to share with you all.

- Kat  :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday morning fun

I don't know where this photo first originated from (or I would give them credit).....but it's now the wall paper on my phone. I love that it combines two of my favorite things....Avengers..and Sewing!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!
- Kat  :)

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