Friday, November 30, 2012

Stop Licking!

Cali has allergies. She always has...but the past few years they've gotten worse. She is constantly licking her feet. Which of course is the MOST annoying sound on the planet. Trust me on this.

We've tried a lot of different things...prescription meds, special food, sprays, salt baths, cremes, steroids, food additives. Some times the licking settles down for a bit..but nothing seems to keep it at bay for long.

Today Cali was up since 5am licking away. Yes 5am. Sigh. It does seem like her allergies have gotten worse over the past few weeks, and since most of the plant life outside is dormant, I'm blaming her current food. Ergo...I'm headed to the pet store today to buy yet another brand of "allergy free" food to see if that helps.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am out of ideas on this one.  Have you found something that has helped your dog? If so...please comment below and let me know what it was.

Kat  :)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Woof Woof...let me in.

Last Sunday DH and I spent the better half of the day basting my niece's quilt (yes he actually helped me baste the quilt), and installing a doggie door. Side note for my Dad - the door completely locks from the inside...keeping out snow and intruders. Heck I can't even fit through unless a tiny toddler is going to rob us..I think we'll be okay.

Quilt Basting
Basting the quilt.

DH had been researching doggie doors for a while and Sunday morning he went out to buy dog food and came back with the doggie door. (Yes he remembered the dog food too). Being an engineer, DH is super handy, so I had no doubt that he would be able to install it himself (I basically handed him tools, and cleaned up the dust). Still it was a little scary watching him actually cut a HOLE into the side of our house.

I was not prepared for the amount of dust this would create. Call me crazy but somehow I didn't realize that cutting a hole into our house would completely fill my kitchen with saw dust. There was so much dust that the smoke detectors went off. Good thing we basted that quilt first!

Doggie Door Installation
Doggie Door Installation
DH was a super perfectionist about getting everything level, he added in extra support boards under the door, inside the opening of the house. He also ended up doing some intricate cuts into our siding so that the door would be flush with the side of the house. So the installation took us a few hours.

Then he had to make a ramp for the dogs to put outside of the house so that they can actually reach the door. I napped during this part. I'm such a good helper. I think the dogs are afraid of the ramp.  This is going to take a lot of training. I'm sure Cali will be the first one to use the door. She loves being outside...and being deaf she won't be afraid of the noise the door flaps make as she runs through.
Doggie door ramp
The ramp.

I tried to get the dogs to use the door last nite. They both looked at me like I was a crazy woman trying to get them hooked on crack. Hmmm this might be harder than I originally thought.

Do you have a doggy door? If so..please share your training tips with me. Tonite I'm going to try peanut butter..if that doesn't work..I'm breaking out the big guns....yup, hot dogs. 

Wish me luck!
- Kat  :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Swim, Run, Dance

It's been a whirlwind few weeks. So much has been going on that I actually lost my voice!

Chicago, IL
Me having lots of fun.
 DH and I have been traveling every weekend..which means I have had zero time for sewing :( boooo. But I can't complain because all of the trips have been wonderful.

Here's a recap of all the fun I've been having. Be warned..this is a long post, with lots of photos. I basically crammed 3 posts into one, but I tired to keep one as brief as possible.

First we went up to the Dells in WI with DH's brother, our SIL and their two kids. An indoor water park with two small kids is a blast!  And the hotel also had trick or treating for the kids. The entire weekend was filled with swimming and giggles. I can't wait to go back.
Halloween Costumes
My nephew and niece, all ready for trick or treating.

The next weekend I drove to Chicago with my BFF to run in the Monster Dash Race. We both competed in the 5K race, which was Halloween themed. The race was extremely well organized and we both plan on running it again next year.
Pretty Girls in Chicago, IL
My BFF and I in downtown Chicago on race day.

Pretty Girls in Chicago, IL
We are just soo cute, we can't help it.

Chicago IL
Me in Chicago, IL.

Monster Dash Race
My first Medal!!!!! 

The very next weekend DH and I flew out to Napa Valley, CA. Yup,..that's right the very next weekend.(soooo much packing). Neither of us had been before, and we were just amazed at the beauty. California is an allergy free zone for me...thus it's my favorite state.

DH & I toured a few wineries while we were out there...and I actually found a wine that I LOVE (I don't like the taste of alcohol, so me drinking wine and loving it, is a pretty big deal in my world).

The below photo was taken at Nickel & Nickel Winery, and while they didn't have any wine that I liked, I could have toured their grounds all day. They were immaculate.
Napa Valley, CA
Nickel & Nickel winery

I can only imagine how magical Napa Valley must look in the spring time. We learned a lot about wine and grapes, and even got to pick grapes right off the vine to eat. Let me tell you..they were much tastier than any grapes I've ever had from the supermarket.  #amazing

Napa Valley, CA
Wine grapes

The highlight of the trip to Napa was attending the Halloween Pagan Ball at Castello Di Amorosa. It was there that I finally found a wine that I like (thanks to my new friend Cami who suggested I try the Fantasia wine). They also have the best grape juice I've ever had. I may or may not have purchased four bottles of grape juice.

At the ball we enjoyed free flowing wine, delicious foods, and amazing company. Not to mention dancing, a haunted cave tour, and fortune telling.
Halloween Pagan Ball
Give a girl a few glasses of wine.....
The castle was gorgeous, and with every turn I took I saw new details in the castle that impressed me more and more. If you are ever in the Napa Valley area, I highly recommend a tour of Castello di Amorosa.

With all the fun, the beautiful landscaping, warm weather, great friends and zero allergies...I still can't believe that I got on the plane and came back to WI.

Next up....basting and quilting my niece's quilt. Oh, and chopping/stacking up firewood for winter.

Happy Sewing everyone!
- Kat  :)

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