Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Ever wonder what your machine looks like from the inside, while it's running?

Well take a peek! Last nite I had the thread jams of all thread jams. It was soo bad that my only option was to remove the top cover pieces and carefully remove the thread. While I had the cover off I took this video of my embroidery machine while it was running/stitching out a design! If you look closely you can see the blue thread that I was using, pass through the tension disks. #waycool

NOTE - I do not recommend taking the covers off your machines at home. I have no idea if this will void your warranty or not..and there are lot of computerized elements that could easily be damaged. The particular machine that I was using is older and out of warranty.

What caused the major thread breakage/jam you ask? Well I'll tell you. With the cover off I was able to watch the thread closely as it was guided into the machine. Turns out..the thread on this particular spool was jumping off the spool at an advanced rate. Yes jumping. Every time this enthusiastic thread 'jumped' the thread wound itself around one of the guides until finally it knotted itself. No wonder why my thread kept breaking all nite.
To solve this, I passed the thread through an additional thread guide (the one normally used for winding bobbins) and that fixed it. (I also tried putting the thread down on the table behind my machine but that caused too much drag).  

So the lesson in all this is if you keep having thread breaks...try swapping spools of thread. Or changing the location of the spool itself, because sometimes thread just has a mind of its' own.

Happy sewing!
PS. Before I figured out that it was the actual spool of thread causing the problem. I also changed my needle and my bobbin. And cleaned out my bobbin casing area. Always try these steps too if you are having problems with thread breakage. Sometimes the needle can be bent just slightly, or the bobbin has accidentally been placed in upside down or is has a tiny thread caught in it...or dust caught in it. Just ask me how I know  ;)

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