Tuesday, April 12, 2011


For the past five months my husband and I have fostered a 3 year old boxer dog named Scooby.

     A little background info on Scooby Doo, he has pancrentitis and his owner was an older man who could no longer care for him. Scooby was surrendered to his vet..who in-turn contacted Green Acres Boxer Rescue to see if they could take him in. We volunteer with Green Acres and that's how Scooby came to live with us.

We picked him up in early November...intending on giving him a good home until we could find his happy-forever home. What we did not expect was that instantly our oldest dog George would not like Scooby. They fought and George ended up with 15 stitches.  Scooby and Cali (our other dog) got along great...over time she taught him how to play with other dogs...and the two of them had many play dates in the backyard, without George.

We had to gate Scooby into our kitchen so that he and George would not fight. This meant separate potty breaks...separate play times..and a challenge to get everyone into bed at night.

It was a long 5 months.

George became stressed out, and extremely grumpy. He started fighting with Cali. He was afraid to walk past the kitchen where Scooby was gated in.

It was a long 5 months.

My husband and I did a lot of soul searching and while we really wanted to help Scooby we felt that we needed to put our own two dogs first. With tears in my eyes, I asked the rescue group to place Scooby in a new foster home. Unfortunately as often is the case..the rescue group just didn't have enough foster homes...all the home were filled.

We faced each day as it came, doing the best we could to keep Scooby and George apart. DH took George on many car trips. I think this time alone with DH helped to assure George that he was not being replaced and is very much loved.

I brought Scooby downstairs with me into my sewing studio every time I went down there, and that gave our two dogs time to play together without the stress of Scooby hanging over them.

It was a long 5 months.

Eventually I learned a few things:
#1. Even if the dogs had gotten along, I don't think I can handle three dogs. DH travels a lot and I often struggled when he was away. I've let go of my dream of owning one boxer of every color simultaneously. (Boxers are usually white, fawn or Brindle and I've never had a brindle one).

#2. Dogs really do just want too love you and be loved in return. It's easy for me to see this with my dogs...they are mine. They sleep in our bed, they are well fed, warm, happy and super spoiled. It was another thing however to see it in Scooby who spent most of his time gated into my kitchen, and was not allowed to sleep in our bed. Every chance he got, he snuggled with us. He followed us around and was never mad at us when we had to gate him into the kitchen away from our dogs. He simply nestled down into his doggy bed and waited for the next time he could have attention.

#3. As challenging as this was...as soon as his new family met him and those kids smiled, I was instantly filled with a new happiness. I was making a difference. Scooby is a perfect fit with that family. I realized that I'm definitely where I'm supposed to be. It'll probably be a while before we foster again (George needs a break), but we will foster again. I want to keep helping to make a difference in the lives of these dogs.

This past Sat we placed Scooby in his forever home. And it was such a great feeling, I can't put it into words. This is what it's all about. Those children will always remember their first dog...they will have so many fantastic adventures together. Scooby now has a happy life, surrounded by lots and lots of love.  And I had a part in that.

For more info about Green Acres Boxer Rescue please visit: www.gabr-wi.com

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