Friday, July 29, 2016

Can we get a pool Dad? - Part 3

We got a pool (last summer)! When I last wrote about the pool, we had just up it up and were about to fill it. It took us a little over 9 hours to fill the pool (okay, it took DH that long, I wasn't even home when he filled it). Unfortunately for us, by the time we got the pool up and filled with water, the weather had cooled down and we didn't get to use it much.  Bummer dude :(

Fast forward to Summer 2016! We figured out two things rather quickly this summer.
#1 - The pool ladder was kind of wobbly and unsafe, and there was no place to put our towels/pool floats/pool noodles/soda etc etc.
#2 - We live in the high dessert & it cools off at night and the pool can't retain it's temperature.

So this summer we tackled both of those issues. We installed a solar heater so that we always have the perfect water temperature. And we built a deck! (okay, again I really had nothing to do with the actual building of said deck)
Construction of the deck.

I'm overly excited about this.

 Jeff, myself and his Dad all worked on staining the wood for the deck. (Yup...I actually helped. I think I stained 5 out of like a zillion boards..but it still counts as helping).
Finished deck and stairs!
The next step in our pool project will be to add a railing, and a path to the stairs. Ohhh I also want to add planters at the bottom of the stairs. Somehow, I think the pool is going to be one of those never ending projects. I have a feeling that every summer we will be adding more and more to it. But that's okay because we now use the pool all the time, and it's fast becoming one of our favorite investments.

Happy Summer!!!
-Kat  :)

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