Friday, November 30, 2012

Stop Licking!

Cali has allergies. She always has...but the past few years they've gotten worse. She is constantly licking her feet. Which of course is the MOST annoying sound on the planet. Trust me on this.

We've tried a lot of different things...prescription meds, special food, sprays, salt baths, cremes, steroids, food additives. Some times the licking settles down for a bit..but nothing seems to keep it at bay for long.

Today Cali was up since 5am licking away. Yes 5am. Sigh. It does seem like her allergies have gotten worse over the past few weeks, and since most of the plant life outside is dormant, I'm blaming her current food. Ergo...I'm headed to the pet store today to buy yet another brand of "allergy free" food to see if that helps.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am out of ideas on this one.  Have you found something that has helped your dog? If so...please comment below and let me know what it was.

Kat  :)

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