Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sock Monkey Hat

I like hats. I wear bright cheerful floppy hats all summer long. I have a rather nice sized collection of winter hats. Some with ear flaps, some have pom pom balls, one is a frog, one is a penguin. You get the point... all of my hats are super cute.

My favorite hat this winter is my sock monkey hat. I love him. I got him at the WI State Fair over the summer. I was actually sad that it was too hot to wear him while walking around the fair. I waited months for the weather to turn cold just so I could take him out of storage..and now...it's sock monkey hat time!!!!

I wear this hat everywhere I go. People smile at me because the hat is just that adorable. Most of time I forget I'm wearing it and I think to myself, why is that person staring at me? Then I remember. Ahhh there's a sock monkey on my head.

Last week after getting my allergy shots, the nurse said to me "Where is your hat? You always have the cutest hats!" I promptly pulled sock monkey hat out of my jacket sleeve to show to her and the other nurse. They commented on its cuteness and I turned to walk away. I then overheard the nurses speaking to each other...they were talking about how cute the hat was and how only certain people, including ME could pull off wearing a hat like that.

Hmmmm. I've never thought of myself as someone who could "pull off" a look. I just wear sock monkey hat cause I think he's way fun, and cute. The hat makes me happy. I never stopped to think that wearing the hat was a "look". Interesting.

This one comment has changed my outlook on things. It made me think of other stuff I do/wear just because I like them...glitter nail polish, reading, gnome tote bags, Disney t-shirts, running, and baking brownies for no reason. I don't use/do/wear these thing for the "cool factor" I just like them. They make me happy.

I want to apply this 'do it cause it make me happy theory' to other things in my life now too. For example, I've always loved applique quilting but haven't used that technique in a while. Last year I attempted to make a rather complicated pieced top. I have 12 blocks sewn. They are not the best I've ever done. Each month I wanted less and less to work on the blocks. In fact I still haven't finished the top because I've decided I don't like piecing that much. When other quilters do it...it looks soo pretty and nice. But I just wasn't having fun with the quilt. I'm glad that I tried it, and I learned a lot, but I'd much rather do appliques.

So this year..I'm going back to what makes me happy. Sewing applique quilts (mostly wall hangings as those are my favorite).

I'll be sure to post photos as I create each one. Do something/make something/create something that makes you happy today!!

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