Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Studio Facelift...part 1

When we first built my sewing studio I envisioned lots of shelves filled with sparkling supplies. What was I thinking!??! The end result was clutter. Every time I walked into the room I was stressed out about all of the stuff I could see on the shelves. Decorative boxes didn't help.

I told DH I needed cabinets. He was less than thrilled as he had just put up all those shelves. Not to mention the fact that cabinets are expensive. Still I whined about it as much as I could.

Fast forward a few years later...DH bought me one set of cabinets at a rummage sale. I immediately took down half of the shelves..and dragged the lower cabinets in myself. The upper cabinets found a nice place to live in storage on the other side of the basement  :(

Fast forward another year...we gutted our master bath (I'll post more about that at another time) and I immediately declared the bathroom cabinets MINE. I dragged them into my studio and removed the rest of the shelves.

Fast forward 6 months...we re-modeled our laundry room and once again I declared the cabinets MINE. This time they were upper cabinets. They moved into the basement storage with the 1st set of upper cabinets. sigh. I now had a complete set of cabinets, the problem was that half of them were in storage.

Every week I politely and nicely asked DH to hang the cabinets. Okay..maybe I did pester him about it. Non-stop.

Fast forward 6 more months....the upper cabinets...were still living in storage. I told DH that I wanted him to hang them for my birthday. Sooooo...FINALLY last week for my birthday, the cabinets got hung!!  Hooray!! Happy Birthday to me. And I got to help (okay it wasn't much fun..but I was willing to do just about anything to get those cabinets up.)

I'm still in the process of putting things away. I decided that since I had to clear off so much surface space inorder to hang the cabinets it was the perfect time to purge the room and get rid of stuff I'm just not going to use. There is a huge pile of stuff on my studio floor waiting to go to Goodwill, and I've already filled two trash bags, and two recycle bags.

Once my studio is put back together and camera ready I'll post photos for everyone. I have one photo I can share now...it's my stabilizer cabinet. Almost all of my embrodiery stabilizer fits in it. Horray!! Dust free and out of site. Just how I like it.
stabilizer goodness

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