Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Sh*t the year is over already???

2014 was a year of new things for my husband and I. We moved to a new state, he got a new job, we got a new house, and we added a new puppy to our family. We made new friends, discovered new places to visit, new restaurants to eat at. I joined my first ever quilt guild, as well as another quilt group.

I finally tried trail mix..and guess what? I love it and it's now my go-to snack. I also feel in love with hiking. I learned how to quilt on a longarm machine. I tried other new foods as well. Some I liked, some I did not. I learned some new digitizing techniques and had my first booth at a quilt show.  Like I said..it was a year filled with new things.

And now 2015 I just a day away. I'm looking forward to experiencing even more new and exciting things. Instead of resolutions, I'm setting goals this year. So here goes...my official list of 2015 goals!

*Spend  more time digitizing (which in turn will produce more embroidery designs for www.calicocali.com)
*Finally get long arm pantographs to work so that I can digitize and sell those on my website too. (I've been working on this for months but I've run into a few snags. Hopefully 2015 will sort those snags out so I can move forward on this one.)
*Get into a routine with the puppy. I love our puppy...she's amazing. But she's also a bundle of energy...with two senior dogs in the house I'd gotten used to being able to do what ever I  needed to do while they napped all day long. Now, just carrying a basket of laundry across the room is a game to Skylar. "Jump, Jump, Jump, Let's Eat All The Laundry!" Ugh. Deep breath. So for 2015 my goal is to have even more patience with her and get into a set schedule of walks and hopefully naps so that I can work on the above goals with out her chewing up the wood work the moment my back is turned.
*Like most of my quilty friends, I would like to make a dent in the unfinished projects pile. I'd also like to make quilts for charity.  Both the quilt guild and the quilt group that I belong to make and donate quilts to charity. This year I was only able to make and donate 2 quilts to charity and next year I'd like to make a lot more than that.
*I suppose I should add "Blog More" onto this list as well. I can't believe I didn't post one thing in all of December. Whoops!
*My last goal is more of a fun one. I'm hoping that DH and I can take a vacation.We usually travel a lot, and take lots of long weekends to go camping. But this year because of the move and settling into our new house we weren't able to go anywhere. So here's hoping that 2015 brings us a nice balance of routine, new adventures and maybe just maybe a trip to Vegas or someplace "just for fun"!

Happy New Year Everyone!! Here's hoping all our dreams come true!

-Kat  :)

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