Saturday, May 10, 2014

One Month Recap

We've officially lived in our "new to us" house for an entire month now!! Yahooo!!! So I figured it was about time for a moving recap.

It took two whole days for the movers to load up the moving truck. The snow didn't help  much.
Moving Day
Yes that's a semi. And we filled 3/4 of it.

It was so very nice to not have to lift all the boxes ourselves. We just sat back and watched. And answered questions and made food runs.

Cali found it to be very boring.
Are they done yet?

Eventually they were done, we put Cali in my car and hit the road! Of course we had to stop at the Worlds Largest Truck Stop on I-80.
DH aka Mr. Handsome.

Me! Notice how I'm bundled up and DH is wearing a sweatshirt.
We spend lots of time on the road, took turns driving, listened to a ton of music, every Howard Stern broadcast and lot of comedy radio as well. Cali slept through it all.

Hi, my name is Cali and I love sleeping during car rides.

I enjoy sleeping at the oddest angles.
Of course we took breaks along the way. In fact we took a total of 25 breaks. Yes, I counted.
Yeah we are not in the car!!
And after 33 hours we finally made it to Oregon!!! Yeah! Our new home! It took one very long day for the movers to unload their truck. They had to move 519 items after all. The rain didn't help much.

We've spent the last month unpacking and getting settled. I'll post photos of our house at a later date..once we've completely unpacked and hung up the artwork and stuff.

As for the dogs...their reunion didn't go as smoothly as we had hoped. They had been apart for too long and George had made new friends. It took about a week for him to warm back up to Cali and remember that he loves her. Now they are back to normal. Chasing each other around, playing and enjoying life in their new house. They have a much bigger fenced in backyard now, and have found a new game called, charge towards the deer while barking super loud. It's their new favorite pastime.
oh yeah, I do know you. And I loves you.

Here are our adventure stats
Restroom/gas station/Food stops = 25
States we drove through = 7
Total driving hours = 33 hours 10 minutes
Total Mileage = 2199 miles
Average Speed = 66 mph
Average Gas Milage = 31.5 mpg (love my car!!!)
Total items on the truck = 519

- Kat  :)

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