Sunday, July 18, 2010

Laughing and Learning

If you follow me on twitter you know that I spent the weekend in IL at the John Deer Embroidery's my recap about the weekend. Overall the event was amazing, I had a fabulous time and learns lots of valuable information.
      John is very funny, and injects humor into every segment of the class. It's obvious that he loves to educate and enjoys sharing his knowledge of embroidery with everyone.  He has won 30 digitizing awards and has written for industry magazines. 
     John talked about making embroidery soft and not "bullet proof", he teaches the Theory of Embroidery - which are the rules for digitizing.  Even if you are not interested in learning how to digitize, these rules are important so that you can understand what goes into a "good embroidery design".  Often times when you experience multiple thread breaks, bird nesting or bad registration, it's not your's the digitizer's fault.  Poorly digitized designs will not stitch out well.
     John explained which types of stabilizers to use and when to use them. Like me, he prefers Floriani stabilizers.
One tip his staff gave us was to store your water soluble stabilizer in the fridge so that it last longer.  This helps prevent it from drying out, mildewing, or getting wet and sticking to itself.
      John also gave tips on using metallic thread - such as putting the spool of thread on the table or floor behind the sewing machine. The longer travel space the thread has to unwind before entering your machine - the less likely you are to have thread breaks.
      He taught and entire segment on "Making lots of $ with Embroidery". Tips for starting your own business and making sales.  He did lots of demos, including hooping demos, lace and cut work, as well as product demos.  He also did a demo on his own software "Adorable You"  This software is perfect for the person who doesn't really want to get into digitizing but wants a fast and easy (and I mean fast and easy) way to combine photographs with embroidery applique and text. All the digitizing is done for you.
      John shares his real life experiences with everyone, talks about his family, his amazing wife and wonderful grandmother. He's a master digitizer with an amazing support group of family and staff (who really seem to be more like family than staff). And although he claims to be a spoiled, only child; at the end of the event he was right there, packing up samples and equipment alongside with the rest of the staff.
     Between the free samples, give ways, fun and knowledge that I received, this weekend was more than worth the $69.95 that I paid for the class.  Every one also received a copy of his entire presentation on a CD! If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend attending one of the events that John teaches. Here is a link to his upcoming events:
Want to check out John's designs? Click here:

 Lastly - I have to say the Linda Z's was a fabulous host...everything was soo well organized, and it clear to me that her customers are not just customers, they are also her friends. If you are in the Chicago-land area and want to check out her store here is a link to it:  She made the announcement this weekend that they will soon be moving to a larger store with more parking and it's very close to her current location. The new store will have a big classroom space. I look forward to attending future classes at her new store.
Happy Sewing - Kat  :)

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